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20th year in business!

July 8th, 2016 | Posted by enveloc in Uncategorized

Enveloc Celebrates 20 Years of Remote Backup!


        20 years ago this week Enveloc started its Remote Backup system with its first customer “Norman,” whose Windows 95 computer installed Enveloc software on July 14th, 1996. It is surprising to say now with the 4 terabyte hard drives, 16 gigs of memory and 100 megabit per second internet speeds of today, that our process was to send a technician  to the site to backup the initial seed to a 20 megabytes portable tape drive. Once we completed that initial seed we used our proprietary software in conjunction with high speed 14.4 baud rate modems. Yes we were “High-Tech” or at least for those days we were… Soon we were writing the initial seed to a CD, and then directly over the internet or to a USB hard drive.

       Fast forward 20 years and the world of technology has changed but Enveloc still follows its same model. We strive to over-service each and every client. We still promise and deliver that you will always get a support person on the phone. We also still strive to provide the security, dependability and recoverability for which Enveloc is known.

       Why? because we want each and every “Norman” to be happy and trust in Enveloc with their valuable and irreplaceable data. And yes, Norman of 20 years ago is still our client!








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