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FedRamp Storage for Enveloc Backups

December 15th, 2017 | Posted by enveloc in Uncategorized

Enveloc announces availability of storage in the FedRamp approved Microsoft Azure Government Cloud. By installing our special edition, backups created with Enveloc are securely transmitted using SSH protocol to Enveloc’s server in the Azure Government Cloud.

The Government Cloud Edition of Enveloc Remote Backup is available at:

Notice the Window Caption at the top and the “Government Cloud” symbol lower left. All Government Cloud Edition Machine ID’s start with the letter “Z”.

The backup code is identical to our standard edition. The only communication protocol we support on this edition is AES encrypted SSH. All client operations are identical to the standard edition.  Offsite data redundancy is provided by Microsoft Azure Government Cloud Services. All backups, including initial seeds and large restores, are through the internet – no media seeds nor restores.

Pricing per Gigabyte for Pro is $1.05 and for LocalRemote is $0.75. Per machine fees remain the same. For clients with large capacity requirements (over 500GB), please contact Enveloc for custom rates.


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