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Enveloc Announces SplitKey™ System

June 18th, 2018 | Posted by enveloc in Uncategorized

Release Date: June 12, 2018


Enveloc announces its patent ­pending SplitKey™ System for managing client encryption keys – keeping the key available to the client without revealing the key to Enveloc or to anyone else.  The SplitKey system is managed in cooperation with Friedman CyZen LLC, New York, who supervise and maintain one of the system nodes.


Friedman CyZen’s Managing Director, Jacob Lehmann, said, “With rampant growing threats such as Ransomware, backing up your business’s data in a secure manner is more critical than ever.  Safeguarding encryption keys is a challenging process, Enveloc’s SplitKey solution makes it easier than ever. The SplitKey solution ensures that there is no single point of failure when it comes to storing your company’s keys.“


“With this system, companies can have peace of mind knowing their backups are fully protected and so are the keys that secure them,” said Ross Jaburg, VP of Technical Operations for Enveloc. “Over the last twenty years we’ve seen a number of customers frustrated because of a lost key. That won’t happen with our new system.”


Guy Stone, COO of San Diego’s Blue Tech Inc., said, “Enveloc is an easy­to­use, inexpensive,  encrypted backup to the Fed Ramp Azure Cloud. We recommend it for all of our Federal, State and Local government customers.  Enveloc is currently listed on our Federal Government SEWP V and CIO­CS GWAC contracts.”


The SplitKey System is included at no additional charge with the current version of Enveloc’s Remote Backup client software. The company has developed and operated its proprietary system since 1996 and serves businesses throughout the country.



For more information, contact William W. Oppenheimer at Enveloc





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