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Yet Another Victim of Ransomware!

February 20th, 2017 | Posted by enveloc in Uncategorized

Today we received a call from yet another victim of Ransomware,   This long-time client is in Louisiana in the Energy field, and we are now preparing to provide a full recovery set of their critical data, which has been stored safely on our duplicate server systems in Alabama and California.  Their call makes about 131 such calls in recent months.  A secure backup is the ONLY certain protection against Ransomware.  We at Enveloc have made our system even more secure by introducing our DiskAppear technology, as described in our post from last week “Remote Backup Version 10 New Features“.



Why settle for consumer-grade backup software masquerading as a business class system when you could have the real thing?  Call Enveloc at 1-251-476-8258 for more information.

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